Cima Health and Wellness

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Jupiter Plastic Surgery Center

Jupiter Plastic Surgery Center INTRODUCING THE LIPOSONIX TREATMENT Robin A. Sykes, M.D. The Liposonix treatment is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses advanced ultrasound technology to permanently destroy unwanted abdominal fat just beneath the… View This Coupon »

Get In Shape For Women

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Youthful Balance Medical Center

Youthful Balance Medical Center Weight Loss Made Easy! Hormone Therapy, Feel Younger… Live Better Biogenetical Hormone Therapy for Men & Women – Hormones – Weight Loss – Botox/Juvederm – PRP – Vitamins & Supplements – Improves… View This Coupon »

Smart Body Weight Loss Nutritional Counseling

Smart Body Weight Loss Nutritional Counseling Coupons and Discounts Available Body Contouring / Slimming & Toning Programs Ultracavitation – Radiofrequency – Lipo-Laser Pressotherapy (Lymphatic Drainage / Detox Treatment) Anti-Cellulite Treatments – Vacuumtherapy THE PROCESS IS:… View This Coupon »