CL Assay Service Precious Metal Analysis

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CL Assay Service Precious Metal Analysis

Should I Sell My Gold Now?

YES! Gold prices are still near all time Highs!

Get the most for your gold!

Jewelry can contain up to 20% more gold than indicated by the marked karat value.
We pay the highest price for the FULL gold content.

We buy silver too!

8895 N. Military Trail
SW Corner of Military Trail & Northlake Blvd.
2nd Floor – Suite 208D – Palm Beach Gardens

Online: CL Assay Service

– Our digital analysis shows the precise gold content of your items.
– Your jewelry will often contain more gold than indicated by the karat value.
– Our precise analysis lets us pay you for the full Gold content.

Think! If you want to sell gold or other precious metals, from broken or unwanted jewelry to precious family heirlooms, you owe it to yourself to have the items analyzed accurately and scientifically before you sell. Our Precise Digital Analysis determines the exact precious metal content of your items and you get the analysis reports for free. We will make you the highest market price offer for your valuable items. We pay you for ALL the gold or other precious metals in your jewelry, which is very often more than that indicated by the carat value. We operate with low overhead: no celebrity spokespeople, no non-stop TV advertising. This allows us to give you the Maximum Value for your gold, often 20% to 40% higher than other buyers. Our Online Assay„¢ process lets you access our state-of-the-art analysis lab directly from any PC or laptop.

CL Assay Service LLC is the leading gold buyer in Palm Beach County and offers precision metal analysis to ensure its sellers are receiving the right price for your precious metal content. CL Assay Service is also certified by the Better Business Bureau.

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October 2, 2012 at 4:49 pm by Ed Hammond